BBCのラジオ局「Radio 2」が偉大なギターリフ100選を公開!→Radio 2’s 100 Greatest Guitar Riffs


  1. 20th Century Boy:T. Rex
  2. A Girl Like You:Edwyn Collins
  3. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love:Van Halen
  4. Alive:Pearl Jam
  5. All Right Now:Free
  6. Apache:The Shadows
  7. Are You Gonna Be My Girl:Jet
  8. Are You Gonna Go My Way:Lenny Kravitz
  9. Atomic:Blondie
  10. Back In Black:AC/DC
  11. Beat It:Michael Jackson
  12. Blockbuster:The Sweet
  13. Bo Diddley;Bo Diddley
  14. Bohemian Like You:The Dandy Warhols
  15. Boom Boom:John Lee Hooker
  16. Born To Be Wild:Steppenwolf
  17. Born To Run:Bruce Springsteen
  18. Boys Don’t Cry:The Cure
  19. C’mon Everybody:Eddie Cochran
  20. Cannonball:The Breeders
  21. Cigarettes & Alcohol:Oasis
  22. Day Tripper:The Beatles
  23. Do I Wanna Know?:Arctic Monkeys
  24. Don’t Believe A Word:Thin Lizzy
  25. Don’t Fear The Reaper:Blue Öyster Cult
  26. Down Down:Status Quo
  27. Enter Sandman:Metallica
  28. Every Breath You Take:The Police
  29. Eye Of The Tiger:Survivor
  30. Fools Gold:The Stone Roses
  31. Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams):Daft Punk
  32. Good Times:Chic
  33. Hocus Pocus:Focus
  34. How Soon Is Now?:The Smiths
  35. I Can’t Explain:The Who
  36. Jack & Diane:John Mellencamp
  37. Johnny B.Goode:Chuck Berry
  38. Killing In The Name:Rage Against the Machine
  39. Layla:Derek and the Dominos
  40. Rage Against the Machine:Killing In The Name
  41. Derek and the Dominos:Layla
  42. Life In The Fast Lane:Eagles
  43. Livin’ On A Prayer:Bon Jovi
  44. Lonely Boy:The Black Keys
  45. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll:Rainbow
  46. Loser:Beck
  47. Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle:Electric Light Orchestra
  48. Mannish Boy:Muddy Waters
  49. Marquee Moon:Television
  50. Milk & Alcohol:Dr. Feelgood
  51. Misirlou:Dick Dale
  52. Money:Pink Floyd
  53. Money For Nothing:Dire Straits
  54. Motorcycle Emptiness:Manic Street Preachers
  55. Mr Tambourine Man:The Byrds
  56. My Sharona:The Knack
  57. Need You Tonight:INXS
  58. No One Knows:Queens of the Stone Age
  59. No Surprises:Radiohead
  60. Oh Pretty Woman:Roy Orbison
  61. Oh Well:Fleetwood Mac
  62. One Vision:Queen
  63. Paranoid:Black Sabbath
  64. Peter Gunn:Duane Eddy
  65. Pretty Vacant:Sex Pistols
  66. Pride (In The Name Of Love):U2
  67. Purple Haze:The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  68. Rocks:Primal Scream
  69. Rumble:Link Wray
  70. Run To You:Bryan Adams
  71. Runnin’ Down A Dream:Tom Petty
  72. September:Earth, Wind & Fire
  73. Seven Nation Army:The White Stripes
  74. Shakin’ All Over:Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
  75. Sharp Dressed Man:ZZ Top
  76. She Sells Sanctuary:The Cult
  77. Should I Stay Or Should I Go:The Clash
  78. Smells Like Teen Spirit:Nirvana
  79. Smoke On The Water:Deep Purple
  80. Song 2:Blur
  81. Spoonman:Soundgarden
  82. Stay With Me:Faces
  83. Sunshine Of Your Love:Cream
  84. Sweet Child O’ Mine:Guns N’ Roses
  85. Sweet Home Alabama:Lynyrd Skynyrd
  86. Take Me Out:Franz Ferdinand
  87. That Lady:The Isley Brothers
  88. The One I Love:R.E.M.
  89. The Riverboat Song:Ocean Colour Scene
  90. The Spirit of Radio:Rush
  91. Theme From:Isaac Hayes
  92. There She Goes:The La’s
  93. Unbelievable:EMF
  94. Under The Bridge:Red Hot Chili Peppers
  95. Walk This Way:Aerosmith
  96. Wheels:Foo Fighters
  97. Whole Lotta Love:Led Zeppelin
  98. Words Of Love:Buddy Holly
  99. You Really Got Me:The Kinks
  100. Ziggy Stardust:David Bowie



Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits
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Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

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