Beyond that, there are an awful lot of unknown unknowns about this project. It’s supposed to use a touch screen and the $800 price tag puts it at the top end of the market rather than at the cheap and cheerful netbook end, which Apple is on record as saying it’s not interested in. And one sure way for Apple to save money on building the thing is to avoid paying Intel to use its designs in the product.

PA Semi買収で、Appleはとうとう自社開発のチップを噂の$800 Tablet Mac・・・いや、でっかいiPod touchに搭載することになる?という予測は、自然のように思えます。

であるならば、OSは、OSXでは無く、iPhone OSの進化版?あるいは拡大判となり、Appも同様なダウンロード方式になるのでしょうか?